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Ferrars Junior School

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Pupil Leadership

Head Boys and Girls

Head Boys and Girls 1 Head Boy Khalil
Head Boys and Girls 2 Head Girl Urooj
Head Boys and Girls 3 Deputy Head Boy Ethan
Head Boys and Girls 4 Deputy Head Girl Nicole

Head Boys and Girls:

In Year 6, a Head Boy and Head Girl are chosen as well as a Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy. They have the greatest responsibility in the school. These are children that consistently demonstrate the 6R’s of our school and have worked extremely hard during their time at Ferrars. They have a very important role in school and their jobs include: selecting which charities to fundraise for, coming up with exciting fundraising ideas, collating and counting house points, showing visitors around the school and presenting ideas in assemblies.

Pupil Leadership Team.

At Ferrars, we are very proud of the children that represent our Pupil Leadership Team; they work hard to promote good behaviour and are excellent role models to all pupils at Ferrars Junior School. These children represent the Pupil Voice of the school, helping to make positive improvements to the school. So that you can identify these children, look out for them proudly wearing a special badge and tie.

House Captains

House Captains 1 Courage House Captain Aisha
House Captains 2 Courage House Captain Geo
House Captains 3 Destiny House Captain Emmanuella
House Captains 4 Destiny House Captain Jamee
House Captains 5 Inspiration House Captain Inniyah
House Captains 6 Inspiration House Captain Tyler
House Captains 7 Wisdom House Captain Azeem
House Captains 8 Wisdom House Captain Kelsey

House Captains:

House Captains are year 6 pupils who are elected each year by members of their House. House Captains are energetic, enthusiastic and sporty children who enjoy working very hard with Mr Webb to plan and run inter-house activities, competitions and sports days. They also help to organise and tidy the PE equipment and are often seen in assembly representing their House.


Prefects 1 Aniket
Prefects 2 Cyril
Prefects 3 Lillian
Prefects 4 Sheree
Prefects 5 Tahreem


Prefects are chosen when they are in year 6. They are excellent role models to other pupils in the school, and are chosen by the year 6 teachers. These children have responsible jobs around school which include: delivering registers, helping the school office and minding the doors at break time. They are very happy and approachable and they proudly wear a blue and red tie so that they can be identified easily.

School Council

School Council 1 3JP Ikenna
School Council 2 3LB Zara
School Council 3 3TN Maria
School Council 4 4AW Samuel
School Council 5 4NM Shruti
School Council 6 4RS Mark
School Council 7 5JH Brooke
School Council 8 5LW Najeedah
School Council 9 5RB Cameron
School Council 10 6DM Abigail
School Council 11 6FK Emanuel
School Council 12 6LT Haya