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Learning Logs

Learning Logs


What is a Learning Log?
Learning Logs are used in year 3 and year 4 .  Each week two learning objectives, directly related to what the children have been learning in class, will be written on a double page spread. The children will then be asked to record their learning.
What will this look like?
The Learning Log will be a reflective journal for each child.  It will record:


  • What they know
  • Their thoughts
  • Their learning and
  • Their feelings
The logs will give the children an opportunity to apply the knowledge that they have learnt in their lessons. They will also help to consolidate their learning. Each child’s learning log will look different because it will reflect their individual learning and because the way each child chooses to record their knowledge will vary.  The log will be personal to the child and we are actively promoting creativity in the way that the pupils record their learning.
How can I support my child’s home learning?
We ask that parents discuss the learning objectives with their child and help them to use the knowledge they have learnt in other contexts outside of school.
For example;
Year 3 Learning Objectives for Science:  to recognise properties such as hardness, strength and flexibility and compare materials in terms of these properties.
Parents could discuss the terms with their child and help them to use them in context by identifying materials used within the home.
How will Learning Logs operate?
The pupils will be introduced to the week’s learning objectives on a Friday and will be given the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for addressing the objectives. They will use the books at home from Friday to Tuesday but will need to bring them into school every day. They will be given time in school to work on the Learning Logs.  The books will be handed in on a Wednesday to the teacher who will assess their learning. The pupils will be expected to demonstrate, in any way they wish, that they understand and have achieved the learning objectives for that week.