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Good News - Summer

19th April - Oscar Lee & Nathan Pszkit

Good News - Spring

17th January - Meisha Yousaf & Ana Constantinescu

24th January - Finley McCann & Meisha Yousaf

31st January - Natalie Roast & Ahmed Bhollazayi

7th February - Umar Mubarack & Nimai Martin

21st February - Fizzah Mahmood & Kasmitha Rathiharan

28th February - Arianwen Lyne & Finley McCann

7th March - Nathan Pszkit & Sharujan Theesan

14th March - Prince Karbi & Lord Asare

22nd March - Natalie Roast & Joshua Sucaldito

28th March - Farha Yakub & Subhaan Khan

Good News - Autumn

Well done to these children.

18th October - Prince Karbi & Nimai Martin

1st November - Shantai Dunbar & Farha Yakub

8th November - Enya Bissong, Josh Sucaldito & Tejiri Saduwa

15th November - Subhaan Khan & Cameron Bayliss

22nd November - Arianwen Lyne & Iqra Mazhar

29th November - Oscar Lee & Clarissa Mcdonald

14th December - Gibbin Thomas & Kasmitha Rathiharan



Welcome to 5RB!


Miss Begum


5RB enjoyed playing the connections game with a ball of string to create a spiders web! This activity was linked to our Brainwave topic where we learnt that whenever we learn something new, our neurons communicate with each other. The children understood that neurons look to make connections with other neurons.



Children in Need 2016 :) Well done to 5RB for looking super with the SPOTS!

Children in Need 2016 :) Well done to 5RB for looking super with the SPOTS!  1

Our school linking box is ready! :)

We had an amazing day and made new friends at our school linking trip!

SLN - A day with Year 5 Galileo Class

STEM activities!

STEM activities!  1 Building their first tetrahedron!
STEM activities!  2 Super teamwork!
STEM activities!  3 Sharujan can you fit in there?
STEM activities!  4 Well done 5RB you are all super builders!
STEM activities!  5 Mikail and Finley persevered and worked hard :)
STEM activities!  6 Future engineers!
STEM activities!  7 Thank you Mr Bright :)
STEM activities!  8 Measuring the distance!

SLN Reflections :)