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Roald Dahl style writing by Rafi Mannan.

“Well, I guess I just have to leave you here with the Oompa-Loompas”, sighed Mr Wonka, frantically rubbing his eyes, as if he’d never see the factory again. Snappy, the enormous crocodile, had been won by Mr Willy Wonka for the best chocolate maker award. All the Oompa-Loompas saluted obediently. Mr Wonka had booked a holiday in France and was seriously anxious. Distraught and uneasy, troubled and bothered, Mr Wonka trusted them. “Take care. Soon, my vassals.” And with that , he hurled the door shut, causing a deafening, thunderous cacophony, that echoed in the colossally spacious factory.

As soon as Mr Wonka shut the door, a young inexperienced Oompa-Loompa approached Snappy, and offered him some meat, dropping it to his feet. The crocodile looked up at him with hope, then later, unsecrured, devoured it ravenously like a cat when it catches a mouse. Snappy curiously looked around the considerately immense building and drooled when he saw a specifically inviting room. The chocolate room.

He made his way there licking his lips and his slimy, camouflage seals wiping the floor. A quarter of the way there, he realised a lead was attached to his feet which were attached to a bell. The bell rang, and hundreds of valiant, intrepid Oompa-Loompas flooded in. And soon, the room was filled with them, until they saw him playing with a ball, which was only two seconds later. They all left and Snappy was hungry. It was then he realised that his lead was made out of squirrels.

After the business of violence , Snappy carried on prowling to the chocolate room, shaping an evil grin on his face. And as for the squirrels, they were already eaten crocodile bait. Bad for them.

When he got in, he was still hungry. He ate a few lollies, ate 30 cjocolate bars and 17 Oompa-Loompas. He broke 6 devices, got germs in the chocolate lake and dropped a scale in the nut room.

When the one week was over, Mr Wonka was NOT happy. Eventually, when he repaired all the machines he tried a bar. His face went through a long sequence. Then he exclaimed “Wow! Croc bars! Lovely! They’re nice and minty and refresh me! You’re hired!”

And with that, a grin shaped on his face again, as the sun ran to shine light on him for happiness. Snappy was hungry.

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Good News - Summer

19th April - Rehan Mustafa-Dar & Alex Frowde

Good News - Spring

17th January - Matthew Knight & Damien Czwarnog

24th January - Caitlin Turner & Kowarthanan Ragupathy

31st January - Ahsan Khan & Sujanshan Sasikaran

7th February - Rehan Mustafa Dar & Kowarthanan Ragupathy

21st February - Marcin Dec & Alisia Thomas

28th February - Antonina Gladych & Caitlin Turner

7th March - Huriya Sagheer & Jabbar Ahmed

14th March - Marek Dec (3JP) & Sujansham Sasikaran

22nd March - Omaiyah Anwar & Tamanna Khatun

28th March - Ba Doku & Aaron Cinato

Good News - Autumn

Well done to these children.

20th September - Shruti Murali & Penny Topham

18th October - Kian Weir & Kowarthanan Ragupathy

1st November - Rehan Mustafa & Caitlin Turner

8th November - Omario Lawrence & Huriya Sagheer

15th November - Ihsaan Hasib & Tamanna Khatun

22nd November - Niya Patel & Kowarthanan Ragupathy

29th November - Omaiyah Anwar & Alex Frowde

14th December - Marcin Dec & Marie Essien


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