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Mrs Sultan

Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


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Good News - Summer

19th April - Gabby Gaddi & Jevichan Jeyakumar

Good News - Spring

17th January - Maleehah Akhtar

24th January - Alex Lyddon & Gabby Gaddi

31st January - Ben Allsop & Jevichan Jeyakumar

7th February - Zain Choudhury & Rachel Ethugalage

21st February - Haider Ali & Fameeda Akthar

28th February - Ashlynn Owolabi & Zain Choudhury

7th March - Mark Otitoju & Haider Ali

14th March - Sara Terela & Mark Otitoju

22nd March - Andre Shekle & Ashlynn Owolabi

28th March - Aneesha Bato & Cyril Kavanal

Good News - Autumn

Well done to these children.

20th September - Leah Bissong & Lauren Bright

18th October - Taqi Raza & Zain Choudhury

1st November - Gabby Gaddi & Jessica Manases

8th November - Mark Otitoju & Ra'Ees Usman

15th November - Muhammad Abdullah & Sara Terela

22nd November - Cory Dean & Tahira Khan

29th November - Haidar Ali & Ashlynn Owolabi

14th December - Ben Allsop & Andre Shekle & Rida Zainab Farooq